New Year, New You – a few simple guidelines for resolution success


Your activity should match your level of athleticism otherwise it will derail your weight loss goals (couch to Zumba will make you crave carbs – the trigger for fat production; Couch to 20 minute walk is more appropriate, then work up)

Restricting calories is harmful to your LONGterm weight loss goals.  If what you’re doing to lose weight isn’t something you can medically, physically, socially, or psychologically maintain for the rest of your life, you won’t and changes will be temporary. Our bodies are designed to prevent starvation and it is more efficient in thwarting your drastic efforts than we are at maintaining them.  Slow and steady wins the race and keeps the trophy for life.

Instead of making drastic changes for temporary results, look for small relatively easy changes for permanent success; e.g. drink 2 glasses water before putting anything else in your mouth; Replace sweet drinks (including juices) with flavored water; Don’t snack after dinner, etc.

Master one change at a time and let your life and body adjust without rebellion.  When changes are tied together and if for any reason you can’t maintain one, you’ll more likely stop them all.

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