Lose Weight For The Last Time

Aiken Weight No More Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers provides weight loss programs and maintenance solutions determined by each patient’s unique medical needs, weight loss goals, and other individual requirements. Our program includes one-on-one nutritional and exercise counseling, prescription appetite suppressant medications, Vitamin B6 – B12 – Lipotropic Injections and/or other medications, supplements, meal replacement based on each patient’s individual needs.  Our clinic provides a variety of treatment approaches that can be combined in unique ways to address specific weight management needs and challenges of each individual patient.

Our new patient consultation is with Dr. Toomer or one of our highly trained professionals, to determine a safe and effective weight loss program.  We perform a comprehensive medical, social, and well-being assessment, then partner with you to create a plan that fits your life and lifestyle to determine where easy and small changes will have the largest impact. To do this, you will be asked to fill out paperwork at the beginning of your first appointment to help determine the best plan to meet your weight loss goals.  If necessary, we will consult with your primary care physician to obtain important medical records and/or lab results

Other than blah blah blah <generic description here>, what does this mean?  It means we are a “but” center (no, not THAT kind)….. When you say: I know what I’m supposed to do, but I’m too tired to do it;  I want to lose weight, but nothing works or I lost weight, but gained it all back;  I know I shouldn’t be eating this, but I can’t stop myself; My doctor says I have <insert diagnosis here>, but I don’t know if that means I can still lose weight… Our job is to find reasons for the “but” and help you eliminate them.

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or contact Aiken Weight No More Center at:

office: 803-226-9010   text: 803-522-4179  fax: 803-226-0388 or aikenweightnomore@gmail.com

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