Do you take insurance?  Most insurance companies do not cover weight loss services.  Contact your carrier to find out if you are covered.  Payment plans are available if needed.  You can make an appointment for a  free consultation for any questions you may have.

How much does it cost?   The initial consultation is free.  All appointments are with a doctor, who will answer any questions you may have.  Your initial assessment and individualized plan is $150.  Then $100 a month membership fee for prescriptions, unlimited appointments. and access through the patient portal, phone calls, emails, and/or texts.  All referrals receive $25 off (unlimited).  Individual education and health coaching programs is included.

Do you take walk-ins? Services are by appointment only and can be made online. All messages left with the answering service will be returned as quickly as possible.

What do you treat? We address and treat the medical, psychological, and social reasons that keep you from feeling and doing your best by identifying obstacles then designing your plan on how to get around those obstacles. Your plan may include medication, education, and/or counseling – for life long improvement.   Click here if you are ready to start your journey to feeling well.

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?  A desire for change – and your I.D., insurance card, any lab work from the past 6 months, a list all your medications (doses, frequency, and pharmacy), contact information for all your doctors. 

What should I expect in my first appointmentA warm welcome and to have your questions answered to make sure we are the right medical center for your needs.  If not, we will find a someone within our community who can address your needs.

What if I only want a body composition analysis? That’s fine. All services are individualized to your needs and wants. 

Can I come see you if I have other doctors?  Yes.  We do not replace your doctors; We  work with your doctor and enhance what they do by adding education, counseling, and treatment as part of your weight loss program.

Is this just for weight loss? No We are your partner with a life long plan not a short term program.  We are a medical center first, who cares most about your health and well-being, who then uses weight loss as one way to achieve that.  We also identify and treat the causes for the initial weight gain (depression, anxiety, insomnia, binge eating, pre-diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc).

What if I don’t need to lose weight? During a free consultation, you would determine if you need any of the other services (counseling, education, behavioral health treatment, etc) and proceed from there.

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